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Time To Be You Podcast - Entrepreneurship - Self-Development - Motivation and Business with Laura Berens

Jul 29, 2018

I know there are many families out there that are curious about fostering or possibly adopting a child. Today we talk about what this all involves, where to get support and how to help!

Also, some great tips on how to start a Nonprofit and how long it really takes to fully launch a business and start paying yourself.


Jul 22, 2018

Ever heard of the term Mother-care? I hadn't either, but Dayna Kurtz came up with this catching term after becoming a mother herself and realizing that motherhood wasn't always so easy! There's so many other types of care out there but where was it for moms!

In this episode we talk about how to be a happy and healthy...

Jul 10, 2018

Loved this episode with Rachel Paz! Ever wonder why you have old patterns from childhood that you may not believe in anymore? Are there certain things that you could be doing in your relationship that are not benifical to yourself or your partner? Listen in to get all the answers! 



Questions Asked in This...

Jul 9, 2018

You will love this episode with our guest Gina Fresquez!

Gina Fresquez, MS, CHC, best selling author, speaker, and transformational clarity coach is the founder of the Women’s Side Hustle Society, where she is committed to empowering ambitious, soulful, side hustling women to bring their biggest entrepreneurial dreams...