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Time To Be You Podcast - Entrepreneurship - Self-Development - Motivation and Business with Laura Berens

Feb 19, 2019

Mitchell Levy, @mitchell.levy,  the aha guy, is a global credibility expert; he's created 20 businesses, provided strategic consulting for 100 companies, advised 500 CEOs, and is an international Amazon best selling author. Mitch discovered how to establish himself as a thought leader and is passing that expertise along to clients by creating sustainable credibility.
Episode 32 of the Time To Be You podcast helps entrepreneurs tap into their expertise. You have to identify what pain point you're solving for your customer and present it in a way that answers exactly what's in it for them. Solidifying yourself as a thought leader and clearly presenting your business to customers will have the customers coming to you. Each entrepreneur is an expert, it's all about the information you put out into the world so clients come searching for you!
Mitchell Levy (pronounced Lee Vee) is The AHA Guy at AHAthat ( who empowers experts, thought leaders, and businesses to share their genius. His superpower is extracting the genius from your head in a two-hour interview so that his team can ghostwrite your book and make you an Amazon bestselling author in four months or less.He is an accomplished Entrepreneur who has created twenty businesses in Silicon Valley including four publishing companies that have published over 800 books. Mitchell is a TEDxspeaker and international bestselling author of over sixty business books.
He's provided strategic consulting to over one hundred companies, has advised over five hundred CEOs on critical business issues, and has been chairman of the board of a NASDAQ-listed company. In addition to these accomplishments, he’s been happily married for twenty-nine years and regularly spends four weeks annually in a European country with his family and friends.
Questions asked: 
1. Can you give us a brief background on what you do?
2. What is thought leadership?
3. For emerging entrepreneurs, what is CPop and how do they make that pain point into a selling point?
4. What are some thought leadership practices one can do daily?
5. How can we work thought leadership into social media and our business?
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