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Time To Be You Podcast - Entrepreneurship - Self-Development - Motivation and Business with Laura Berens

Dec 27, 2018

Isabella Silverio, @isabella.guava Business Consultant and THE Instagram Guru learned the ins and outs of business working for startup companies. After being in the startup world she decided to start her own business doing what she knew best - how to build an Instagram following. It all goes back to figuring out what you need to be successful ahead of time. Isabella coaches people to reverse engineer their business and to plan based on that goal!  


Episode 26 of the Time To Be You podcast is for all the startups out there! It's all about strategy when you're planning your business in order to be successful. You have to commit to growth and expand your network in order to grow your business. Use Instagram to its fullest potential, because if you show up for your business, your business will show up for you. Stay focused and your business will grow!




Questions Asked in this episode:

1. Give us a brief background of yourself and your business?
2. What were you doing before all this?
3. Why do you think Instagram is so important for businesses?
4. To a brand new coach what is the most important thing for them to do, to gain clients?
5. What is the top thing people are doing wrong in instagram?
6. What's the best way to scale your coaching business?
7. How do you stay so upbeat through all the steps in building a business?





Isabella “Guava” Silverio is better known as the INSTAGRAM GURU. She has built a multiple six figure online business with over 12k followers on Instagram, teaching women all over the world how to MONETIZE their platform. Isa’s zone of genius is personal branding and the nitty-gritty strategies and hacks of actually GROWING on Instagram (stories, hashtags, and more). She’s done the work and has tried and tested every method. Isabella is experienced in building start up businesses, so she gets where you’re at and can guide you toward your goals with both EASE and CLARITY. Isabella is also absolutely hysterical and is going to make entrepreneurship & instagram fun as heck for you








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