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Time To Be You Podcast - Entrepreneurship - Self-Development - Motivation and Business with Laura Berens

Dec 10, 2018

Nichole Sylvester, @nicholesylvester set out on a journey to find herself after surviving domestic violence and overcoming addiction. After her awakening, she became an international best selling author of the book OH SHIFT, a life coach, and a motivational speaker. Nichole has made it her mission to help others find their worthiness because if you feel worthy, you'll start to build the life you want.

Episode 24 of the Time To Be You Podcast is as real as it gets - Nichole found success when she started being honest and sharing her life's journey with the world. You can find your authentic self, just like Nichole did. Start by focusing on love, service, and caring about other people...and see how fast you succeed in your business!
Bio: Nichole Sylvester is the international bestselling author of “OH SHIFT: A Journey from Chaos to Consciousness” and a renowned life coach, motivational speaker and host of her podcast, The Harmonious Hustle. A survivor of domestic abuse and addiction, Nichole shares her inspirational personal story and expertise with others to lead them on a path towards wellness and success through private coaching, guided retreats and live, online support groups. Age 36, Nichole is the single mother of a daughter Chanel, age 13.
Questions asked in this episode: 
1. Can you give us a brief background of yourself and your business? 2. I know you had a bit of a rocky past, how did you overcome the trauma in your life?
3. Tell me a bit more about your book, "Oh Shift"
4. I'd love to hear more about the silent meditation you went to back in 2014 that really shifted your mindset and purpose.
5. How did you start your coaching business and start gaining momentum.
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