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Time To Be You Podcast - Entrepreneurship - Self-Development - Motivation and Business with Laura Berens

Oct 29, 2018

Want to optimize your diet and lifestyle so that you can live your best life? Episode 18 of the Time To Be You Podcast features nutrition health coach Maria Marlowe and focuses on why and how you can eat healthy. Maria’s secret? “Listen to your body and adapt to what your body needs at that time”

It can be hard to make the conscious effort to eat healthy, but, as the podcast explains, oh so worth it. With many benefits besides simply loosing weight, eating healthier can help improve acne, reduce your risk of getting sick and make you feel better all around.




Questions Asked In This Episode:

1. Can you give us a brief background on how you started and got into your current business?

2. Where you always into healthy eating?

3. How and when did you decide to create online courses for your eating plans?

4. When working with new private clients, what's the main thing you see that is a need for busy moms or working woman?

5. What are some ways we can break unhealthy habits? What is your coaching style?

6. Are there certain foods that effect your energy and mood?






Maria Marlowe helps busy women improve their health, reach their ideal weight, and clear up their acne by upgrading their diet. She is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Founder of, where you can learn how to optimize your diet and lifestyle to look and feel your best every single day. In 2013, Maria opened a private Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching practice in New York City, and has since coached hundreds of people—from moms to business executives to celebrities—to healthier eating habits. She is also the host of the Happier & Healthier Podcast, available on iTunes, where she interviews doctors and health thought leaders on how to live your healthiest life. Maria’s first book, The Real Food Grocery Guide, has been called “the most practical book to navigate a healthier way of eating” by renowned physician and leading researcher in healthcare, Dr. Dean Ornish.


Her tips and recipes have been featured in Vogue, InStyle, The New York Times, Dr. Oz, and more. Maria currently lives in New York and coaches and consults privately for individuals and brands. She graduated summa cum laude from Fordham University before graduating from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and attending Natural Gourmet Institute to study plant-based cooking.


You can find her at or on Instagram at @MariaMarlowe.




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